Volunteer introduction

“When everything you wanted is simply not enough.” This quote more than describes this idea: “The happiest people in this world aren’t the richest or the most powerful, or those who gain satisfaction chasing after the latest trends and fashion, or those getting bewildered by vast amounts of information. Instead, the truly happy ones are those with mercy in their heart. When they engage in volunteer work, they naturally welcome joy and happiness which then fill up their entire lives.” Society is waking up to this. Most people agree that chasing after external achievements would not be able to satisfy our needs. True satisfaction can only be found as we find out how to better use our time in more meaningful things.

Family education volunteers have been helping the residents of Hsinchu City to overcome psychological difficulties for many years. These volunteers went through different tasks, development phases, learning, and development at the Family Education Center in order to help create happier families. Every volunteer upholds the “furtherance of national knowledge and capabilities in respect of family life, the advancement of national physical and mental well-being, the fostering of happy families, and the establishment of a harmonious society” (Article 1 of the Family Education Act) and is committed to the effective propagation of “educational activities of all kinds within the range below which further family relations and family functioning: parenting education, filial duty education, gender education, marriage education, education for minors with one parent or orphaned, ethics education, multicultural education, family resources and management education, and other family education related matters” (Article 2 of the Family Education Act).Although people cannot predict what has yet come to pass, they may exert suitable influences upon their future. In addition to acceptance or passive response, people may choose to actively face their challenges and create changes. If the Family Education Center were the institution responsible for catalyzing such changes, then the Family Education Volunteer would be the seed communicating happiness and love, lending their strengths to help the public overcome difficulties, face their problems, realize changes, and exert positive influences. The volunteers are also committed towards family happiness and building a harmonious society.

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