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    Theme of service
    The 21st century is an era with diverse and rapid changes marked by new technologies, industrialization, and social transformations. As a result, many families are unable to cope with the requirements of various family members, and such lack may even influence the entire society. Family education has thus become a public issue that must be alleviated through various educational systems and supports provided to various aspects of family life. Since its establishment in November 1987, the Family Education Center has been responding to changes in the environment to provide inquiry services while focusing on the implementation of preventive measures for supporting family education, offering services to integrate social welfare groups in Hsinchu City to serve the public. The following lists the guidelines for the major services we offer:
    • 1. Advancing the development of family education to integrate resources at the school, community, and family levels, support cohesion between schools and communities to achieve the primary objectives of family education, and create an environment that facilitate family-based learning.
    • 2. Promote professionalism in family education, actively improve training of professional talents to support the advancement of family education principles, comprehensively improve the professionalism of schoolteachers, parents, and community residents in family education principles, uphold and implement proper family education principles, and build a harmonious learner-based society.
    • 3. Improve the popularization of family education and maximize its influence and benefits by supporting the tenet of lifelong learning, humanist principles, and the spirit of sustainable development, actively establish family education learning networks and features to improve the contents and quality of network learning, provide ubiquitous learning opportunities for fellow citizens that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, offer learning environments for personal development, and establish new possibilities for healthy families.
    • 4. Promote care-based family education by integrating human resources of the Family Education Center to promote the popularization of family education and offer support and care to prioritized families (aborigines families, diverse families, single parent families, cross-generational education, new senior citizen learning programs, and so on).
    • 5. Enhance the integration of family education using learning networks to fulfill the contents of the Family Education Act and relevant family education requirements to provide resident families with opportunities of learning new knowledge.

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